PhD Candidate

Cornell University '22

Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Ando Lab

Bryn Mawr College '17

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As a physical chemistry teaching assistant, the only question I would not accept was: “Can I ask you a stupid question?” There is no such a thing as a “stupid” question. Questions provide insight on what a student needs, and answers empower them to move on to the next step, problem, course, and eventually, career. Questions build connections between people and connections between ideas. My teaching philosophy plans to embolden students to ask questions and enable these connections as I believe optimal learning takes place in a classroom that is full of empowered and engaged students with diverse perspectives. In teaching subjects such as general chemistry, physical chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, and others, I plan to provide a welcoming and effective learning environment. My teaching philosophy will engage students through empowerment and enable the synthesis and application of concepts.